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kIboo Kids - Kiboosaur - Trex + Markers

SKU 107830

These dinosaurs have drawings on both sides, making it easy and fun to color, play, wash and reuse!  If it is colored with washable markers or crayons, the colors can be washed off and the dinosaur can be colored again, many times over!


  • 100% cotton canvas fabric and is stuffed with hypoallergenic silicone fiber.
  • The size of the doll is 6 1/2" wide and 7" tall, and it is firmly stuffed to allow the child to hold and color it. 
  • Washing Instructions: 
    • Use the washing machine's gentle cycle and cold water;
      Use laundry detergent - Do not bleach;
      Air dry - Do not dry wash or machine dry it;
      You can gently squeeze out the excess water for a quicker dry.
Age: 18 months and up
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