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HUB Cradle Chute Action Set

SKU 104341

This Cradle Chute Action marble run set is a fantastic STEM toy that is a complete stand-alone set or can be used to expand on existing run elements. Includes two cradle chutes, which means marbles can shoot off in four unpredictable directions. Will marble drop from one cradle to the next or will it take an unexpected dive off the edge? Engineered so that with enough speed, the ball will continue to roll through. It's compatible with building blocks from other manufacturers! 

Product Details:

  • Promotes creativity, problem-solving, strategic thinking, and STEM learning
  • 25 building blocks
  • 16 run elements
  • 2 special elements
  • 2 marbles
  • 1 base-plate
  • Suitable for ages 4+

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