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HEXBUG - Remote Control Dragon - Assorted Colors

SKU 106999

The HEXBUG Remote Control Dragon has risen from the fires of myth and legend! Watch as it slithers across any surface breathing LED lit fires and roaring ferociously at all who dare to come close. Using a powerful remote control, you decide the Dragon’s every move! With rubber rotating paws for traction, fearsome adjustable wings and a flexible tail moving from side to side, your friends just might think this robotic creature is alive! Hexbug creatures are the perfect toys for boys age 8-12 who love to build and play with robots! These boys toys are great to get started on stem projects for kids ages 8-12 and curate a love for building toys and encourage creativity! The Hex Bugs Creatures kid toys are great learning & education toys and gifts for kids. Robot toys are a fantastic addition to your collection of cool stuff, and great STEM Toys for girls and boys to encourage creativity and passion for building! Comes with 2 Rechargeable Batteries and a USB cable charger.

- Assorted Styles, Sold Individually / Item Chosen at Random

- Age: 8 and up

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