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Gray Wolf Toy

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The Gray Wolf is the largest member of the canine family, and its ancestor is believed to be the ancestor of all domestic dogs. Wolves are highly intelligent, social predators that are able to bring down large prey including deer, and sometimes even bison and moose.

  • History: Gray Wolves, also known as Timber Wolves, have existed for over 800,000 years. Once found across the entirety of Eurasia and North America, they are know almost entirely gone from much of the United States and Europe, with their range a small fragment of what it once was. Currently in North America, Gray Wolves are found only in Canada, Alaska, northeastern Greenland and a handful of U.S. states.
  • Scientific Name: Canis lupus
  • Characteristics: This Gray Wolf toy figurine is scientifically accurate in its sculpt and paint coloration, and is ready to join the rest of your North American wildlife figurines in play or display.
  • Size: The Gray Wolf toy figure is 4 inches long and just under 2 ¾ inches tall, a little larger than a credit card.
  • The Gray Wolf is part of the Wild Safari® North American Wildlife collection
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free
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