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Gravitrax - Starter Set XXL

SKU 107934

Go bigger and build mega-sized marble runs with the “GraviTrax Starter-Set XXL”! Easy to connect and build, our construction set includes 242 diverse pieces to create a ton of custom runs with curves, levels, freefalls and 3 action accessories; Magnetic Cannon, Hammer and Loop. Designed with open play in mind, it’s a snap to build a different track every time. Expand your track’s stunt action with extra accessories and experience the power of gravity and educational fun again and again!

What makes a great toy? GraviTrax checks all the boxes! It’s a creative, open-ended, expandable track system that challenges children to use their imagination to design and build their own marble runs! Electronic-free, GraviTrax sets use STEM-friendly concepts while building critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


  •  9 track designs with instructions
  • 24 fun challenges
  • 242 pieces: 9 metal marbles, 6 rugged 12” x 12” card bases, 4 transparent levels, 80 large/24 small height tiles, 36 tracks (6 long, 12 medium, 18 short), 42 curves, 1 Magnetic Cannon, 2 3-in-1 tiles, 6 X-intersection tiles, 2 vortex, 4 switches, 2 launchers, 8 basic tiles & inserts (4 catchers, 2 freefall, 2 Y-intersections, 2 landings) 1 Loop, 1 Hammer, 2 finish lines.

Age: 8 years and up

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