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Wolf Cubs - 192 pcs - Good Luck Minis®

SKU 341622

Wolves once ranged throughout the entire northern hemisphere, but human settlement and subsequent overhunting has diminished their range to about two-thirds of its former area, mostly in the northern reaches of the Northern Hemisphere.

  • History: Wolves are in the Class Mammalia, along with all other mammals. Their order is Carnivora, which they share with all carnivores. The Wolf family is Canidae, to which all dog-like mammals belong. Finally, their Genus is Canis, which includes all dogs, and wolf species include Lupus and Rufus, grey and red.
  • Scientific Name: Canis lupus
  • Characteristics: These Wolf Pups are howling and ready to play. Set them in a forest diorama or include them in a nature art project. They’re also fun reminders of the importance of conserving wild areas.
  • Size: These pups are about an inch long, or roughly the size of a piece of hard candy.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free
  • 192 Pieces Per Bag. Only Available in Bulk Purchase.
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