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Rhinos - 192 pcs - Good Luck Minis®

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The several species of rhinoceros live in Africa, India, Java, and Sumatra, although they once ranged throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe. Both White Rhinos and Black Rhinos are actually grey. Black Rhinos have pointed lips, while White Rhinos have square lips.

  • History: There are actually 5 separate species of Rhinoceros, scattered from Java to Africa, with conservation statuses from critically endangered to near threatened. Their range was once much larger, as cave paintings in Europe attest to their existence there at one time. Going back 30 million years, the 20-ton Paraceratherium, or Giant Rhinoceros, was the largest land mammal that ever lived.
  • Scientific Name: Diceros bicornis
  • Characteristics: These Rhino minis are ready to charge into an Africa or India school project or lesson. They can also be used to study conservation or as party favors or giveaways.
  • Size: These paperclip-length figures pack a lot of detail into about an inch or so.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free
  • 192 Pieces Per Bag. Only Available in Bulk Purchase.
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