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Geoform Magnetic Activity Case

SKU 101932

Kids will adore this hands-on creative magnetic activity kit. This colorful set consists of a fold-out magnetic whiteboard, which is magnetic on both the top and bottom inside surfaces. It includes 42 magnetic shapes of various sizes, colors, and shapes which can then be arranged on the inner magnetic surfaces of the wooden case.  There are also 24 idea cards for children to copy. 

A great way for children to learn color and shape recognition and how shapes can be arranged to make patterns and pictures.

Pieces and cards can then be stored back inside the case once play is over and the case can be clipped shut. Carrying handles on the outside of the case makes this an ideal item for taking out and about to entertain children in restaurants, waiting rooms, or during traveling.

Product Description:

  • Recommended from 4 years + appealing to a wide age and ability range.
  • Box size - 30 x 30 x 4cm.
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