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PlanToys Geo Lacing Beads - Unit Plus

SKU 103403

PlanToys’ Unit Plus is a range of Montessori-aligned aids that are structured and teacher-focused, and every set is meaningfully designed to be both modular and scalable in nature. This means that all Unit Plus sets can be combined together in any way you wish, allowing you the flexibility to create a play-based learning environment where manipulatives can interrelate and build upon each other.

These Geo Lacing Beads are excellent for:
• Honing fine motor dexterity that aids with pre-writing skills
• Eye-hand coordination
• Colour and shape recognition
• Encouraging functional skills like sorting, categorizing, patterning and sequencing
• Focus and attention span

An excellent teaching resource that invites participation in learning in a positive manner. All pieces are constructed from chemical-free, kiln-dried rubber wood; and finished with non-toxic, water-based dyes.

Set includes: 18 beads in 3 different geometric shapes, 1 long lace, 3 short laces

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