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Feed the Woozle

SKU 106924

The Woozle loves to eat hairy pickles and fuzzy donuts. Can you help feed him 12 crazy treats before all the snacks are gone? A monstrous game of mixed up fun!

Kids learn dexterity, fine motor skills, body awareness, and counting all while having fun and cooperating. Kids learn about taking turns and develop valuable social skills.



  • Comes with three levels so it grows with your child. Kids ages 3 and up work together to help feed the Woozle. No reading required, so even the smallest can participate!
  • Cooperative games cultivate emotional development, shared decision making, positive self esteem, creative problem solving and develop a sense of community in a non-stressful play environment.
  • Designed for 2-5 players
  • Game includes1 Woozle, 24 Silly Snacks, 12 Yummy Cards, 1 Die, 1 Spinner, 1 Spoon and Instructions.
  • Game play is approximately 15 minutes.
Age: 3+
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