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Exercise Your Demons: A Mindful Journal

SKU 101541

Exercise Your Demons: A Mindful Journal offers a devilishly creative solution. Instead of killing your demons, it encourages you to get to know your personal demons. Through working through this mindful journal, you'll learn how to exercise your demons, not exorcise them. You will visualize them, understand them and accept them as a part of you. Personalize it with your own thoughts and stories, lists and scribbles, doodles and drawings, and you will discover how to name and tame those inner demons and put a new spin on your world.

Characteristics: This 7.5" Zemu Yeti is a snowy white Yeti with frosty blue facial features and embroidered foot print ready for a soft cuddling experience. 

Size: Zemu Yeti stands 7.5" tall. 

Age: 3 Years & Up

The 7.5" Fantasy Zemu Yeti from Aurora is part of our Friends of Safari collection

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