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Estemmenosuchus Toy

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Estemmenosuchus was a prehistoric creature known as a therapsid. It was not a dinosaur, and actually lived in the Permian period, over 265 million years ago, well before any dinosaurs roamed the earth. Therapsids were early ancestors of what would one day become mammals, and actually had more in common with mammals than reptiles.

Scientific Name: Estemmenosuchus ("Crowned Crocodile")

Characteristics: Estemmenosuchus was known for the unique bony growths that sprouted from its head, including two large projections jutting from its cheeks, two ornate antler-like horns above its eyes, and a blunt horn on its snout. It had a stout body with sprawling legs and a short tail. This Estemmenosuchus toy figure showcases this prehistoric creature's unique and unusual traits.

Size: This highly detailed Estemmenosuchus figure measures 4 1/2 inches long and 2 1/4 inches high.

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