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Horned Chinese Dragon Toy

SKU 10135

This figure represents the style of dragon commonly seen in Chinese motifs, with its long serpentine and wingless body, and furred head that is reminiscent of facial hair. White it may look fearsome, dragons in China symbolize prosperity, luck, and spirituality. 

  • Scientific Name: Draconis occidentalis
  • Characteristics: With so many details and a realistic pose, this dragon figure has endless uses. Use it for decorations or prizes at a dragon-themed party. Create DIY decorations or projects for a dragon-themed bedroom. Add it to a medieval school project or diorama.
  • Size and Color: For a figure around 7 inches long, this soft red and orange dragon packs in a lot of detail, including a serpent tongue and a scary spine.
  • The Horned Chinese Dragon is part of the Dragons collection.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.
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