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Dr. Squish - Squishy Maker

SKU 107521

What’ Up Guys? It’s Doctor Squish. Do you want to make your very own squishies at home? Now you can make ‘em all on your own, just like me: Doctor Squish! My squishy maker comes with everything you need to make your own awesome squishies! Use the Squishy Maker to create your very own squishies – just use the pump on the Squishy Maker to inflate the squishy until it’s the size you want your squishy to be, then fill it up with whatever you like! Use the content of this set or your own stuff to create an awesome squishy. Close the squishy with the reusable clip and squeeeze! Awesome crazy squishies? You can do it! Whether you’re making big squishies or little squishies, you’ll have your hands full of squishy fun with my Doctor Squish: Squishy Maker!


  • Squishy Maker Station, 1 x Spoon and Slime Powder, 2 x Latex Balloons, 4 x Clear TPR Balloons, Sparkles and Confetti, 3 x re-usable Cups, 1 Curly Ribbon, 2 x Ink Bottles

Age: 8 years and Up

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