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dantoy BIO Baking Set in Gift Box

SKU 102062

The Dantoy BIO Baking Set is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play. Learn to make beautiful cakes and cookies from dough, modelling clay, or sand. This baking set invites play and learning and develops imagination and fine motor skills. The pieces feature beautiful muted shades and light tones – trendy, calming for both kids and parents, and perfect for endless hours of play.

INCLUDES: 1 Dantoy BIO Baking Set (11 pieces): 2 mixing bowls, 5 baking molds, 1 rolling pin, 1 dough and pastry wheel cutter, and 1 whisk. Non-toxic and dishwasher safe. Recommended for ages 2+.

Dantoy BIO Toys are produced from green materials – the residual product of sugarcane. Dantoy takes a step closer to green product and a better, more sensible environmental perspective while maintaining premium quality and durability. Our bioplastic toys are made in Denmark, bear the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and meets the most stringent Global requirements for toys and safe play. 90% biobased, 100% recyclable, 100% renewable.

Age: 25 months+

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