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CREART - Cozy Cabana

SKU 106882

Picture yourself lounging the day away at your personal tropical paradise as you paint this “Cozy Cabana” with a CreArt Painting by Numbers set!

Take a vacation from your daily stress by painting this “Cozy Cabana” retreat on a beautiful beach with the CreArt paint-by-number kit! Relax your mind and go to your peaceful place with no screens and no demands as you fill in each clearly numbered section, bit by bit. High-quality, odorless acrylic paints ensure excellent results. When finished, hang it as a gentle reminder to take time to sit back and relax. De-stress and find success as you discover the joy of art in your heart today!


  • 32 Water-based acrylic paints in resealable pots
  • 1 packet of finishing gloss
  • 1 double-tipped brush
  • • 2 paint holder palettes
  • 1 cardboard canvas
  • 1 painting reference guide
  • 1 set of simple instructions
  • 1 picture hanger

Age: 7 years and up

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