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Crack-Crack! Who is that?

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Crack, Crack, Who Is That? is a delightful and enchanting board book that invites young readers to join a group of animals as they hatch from their eggs. Written by Tristan Mory and illustrated by Charlotte Gastaut, this charming book is perfect for sparking curiosity and wonder in little ones.

Characteristics: This book features vivid and captivating illustrations that bring the story to life. Each page showcases a different animal hatching from an egg, revealing a new character with every turn. The simple yet engaging text keeps young readers entertained and eager to discover who will emerge next. The fun pull-out handle and delightful sounds make Crack-Crack! Who Is That? an irresistible board book that children will want to read again and again!

Length: 12 pages

Publisher: Tourbillion 

Age: 0-3, although readers of all ages can appreciate its enchanting illustrations and captivating storyline.

Crack, Crack, Who Is That? is not only entertaining but also educational. It encourages cognitive development, language skills, and social interaction. 

This book is an excellent tool for parents and educators to engage young children in a fun and interactive way. It promotes curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning, while also fostering literacy and language development.


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