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Color Boom Pixel, 1500 pc

SKU 104391

A flood of colors within this interesting puzzle that contains variety of colors but also a 3-dimensional look with some blocks higher or lower than others. So, not only are there colors to sort but also shadows changing the colors on the pieces. While this isn't an exact gradient, there are variations within the color families that make this more reasonable to do. Some strips like the orange strip mixed with the pinks/reds and the violet between the red and pink. The process is an interesting study in color so starting with the edges is a good way to begin. From there, you can build the image from the edges in. There are duplicates colors so putting the piece in the right context next to the right color is going to be the key. No doubt this is a challenging puzzle but so rich in the experience that it won't seem like a challenge.

Clementoni puzzles are crafted in Italy using premium quality materials to enhance the carefully selected imagery featured on each puzzle. All Clementoni puzzles are precisely cut to ensure a perfect interlocking fit and a superior finished product.

Assembled dimensions: 23.3" x 33.1"

1500 pieces
Made in Italy

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