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Bill Nye's VR Science Kit - Virtual Reality Science Set

SKU 107915

Take the reigns of scientific discovery with the Bill Nye's Virtual Reality Science Lab Kit, an award-winning STEAM toy that puts immersive learning experiences in the palm of your hands. Venture into Bill Nye's virtual reality lab and unravel fundamental scientific concepts across disciplines, from chemistry to physics, through over 30 interactive hands-on experiments. Step into augmented reality with the 80-page interactive book that transforms static images into dynamic, instructional videos to boost confidence and competence in performing experiments. Round off your scientific exploration by teleporting into Bill's lab through the VR goggles included in the kit, compatible with all smartphones. 


  • virtual reality goggles,
  • an 80-page interactive book
  • 50-piece set to complete 30+ interactive experiments
  • Smartphone is required to activate the VR & AR experiences
  • Apple iOS 9.0 or Android 7 or newer is recommended.

Age Recommendation: Ages 8 and up

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