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9" (20cm) Labrador

SKU 105499

Bringing the friendly nature of dogs to life, this cuddly stuffed animal lab is a fan favorite with soft fur, floppy ears and big, curious eyes. This soft plushie lab is crafted with high-quality recycled materials and features the softest material, perfect for snuggles at any time. Fun follows you when you have these dog plushies in tow.

Such a scruffily, scrumptious and sweet caboodle of cats and dogs! Our collection is sure to steal your heart! With their super soft tousled fur and realistic features, they will be loved and adored by girls of all ages, perfect for snuggles and nuzzles. The Petting Zoo proudly creates our Cats and Dogs collection using recycled materials.


  • 9 inches
  • plush
  • made from recycled materials

Age: 3+

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