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9" (20cm) Husky

SKU 105498

Lash’z is a collection of captivating and flirty stuffed animals with wispy long eyelashes and a stylish little bow. These soft and cuddly plush toys are loved and adored by girls of all ages, perfect for naps and sweet girly talks. Each of our Lash’z animals are thoughtfully designed and created to spread cheer and sunshine wherever they go. The Petting Zoo proudly creates Lash’z using recycled materials.

The Petting Zoo was founded on passion and imagination, offering high quality stuffed animals with lots of personality! For over 25 years, we have proudly created fun and trendy stuffed animals to bring smiles to all. Our passion for animals is a driving force behind our new recycled plush toy collection, blending imagination with nature, while caring for the world we share.

  • Adorable eyelashes and a patterned bow on our Lash'z husky, make these cute stuffed animals for girls a fun friend for all ages.
  • Made with high quality shed free fabric and durable stitching, this irresistible dog plush is designed to last through years of play.
  • The perfect Birthday, Christmas, Valentines or anytime gift for girls who love plush toys, and these cuddly gifts captivate a child's imagination, as everyone enjoys a cute puppy stuffed animal.
  • Lash'z come in a variety of styles ranging from zoo animals and sea life to plush dogs and cats, and even a unicorn, for toddlers to teens to collect.
  • Every one of our wild onez plush toys are made up of average of 12 plastic bottles. Every time you recycle, you’re helping to create a cleaner world, and maybe even a plush toy.
  • 3 and up
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