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54" (137cm) Wild Onez Diamond Rattler

SKU 105473

This 54 Inch plush snake toy is full of magic and personality and works hard to make snake lovers galore. You might not ever hear him rattle but there is still fearful fun to be had. These sometimes scary but mostly fascinating rattlesnake stuffed animals are perfect room décor for jungle or wild animal themed bedrooms. This is a great addition to your toy rotation or theme area and would be perfectly paired with your favorite tortoise book.

Welcome to the world of Wild Onez, our unique collection of realistic stuffed animals that are designed to bring the experience of wildlife to your child, providing endless hours of imaginative play, and maybe even a treasured companion for years to come. Every one of our Wild Onez plush toys are made from recycled water bottles.


  • 54 inches long
Age: 0+
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