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Plush Wild Onez Bearded Dragon

SKU 102414

This Bearded Dragon plush is an easy-going and relaxed reptile-inspired pal. Zoo plush toys for kids make excellent playmates during the day and protectors at night. This lizard stuffed animal is a fun gift for boys and girls.

Wild Onez, is a unique collection of realistic stuffed animals designed to bring the experience of wildlife to your child, providing endless hours of imaginative play, and maybe even a treasured companion for years to come. Every one of the Wild Onez plush toys is made from recycled water bottles. Each time you recycle, you’re helping to create a cleaner world, and maybe even a new plush toy.  Love for animals and the environment is a driving force behind the use of recycled materials in these plush toys, blending imagination with nature while caring for the world we share.

  • Made of recycled fabric & durable stitching 
  • Combines play with Earth-sustaining practices 
  • Made from recycled water bottles
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