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20" (48cm) Dolphin Mom & Baby

SKU 105476

This cute plushie mom and baby dolphin set features a two-for-one deal and is outfitted with a white underbelly body, friendly eyes, a great big smile and pointy fins. These soft plushies are made from high-quality recycled materials and designed to endure all-day play. With this easy-to-transport plush dolphin stuffed animal in tow, fun follows you everywhere.  Perfect to add to your toy rotation or theme area. A great gift for birthday or Christmas!

This Wild Onez dolphin set is the perfect gift for kids, to share secrets and giggles for years to come. Welcome to the world of Wild Onez, our unique collection of realistic stuffed animals that are designed to bring the experience of wildlife to your child, providing endless hours of imaginative play, and maybe even a treasured companion for years to come. Every one of our Wild Onez plush toys are made from recycled water bottles. Add this to your toy rotation, pair with a book or a theme area. 
Perfect for Christmas gifts for kids or birthday gifts for boys and girls, this cute plushie dolphin set offers realistic detailing.


  • Measures 20 inches

Age: 0 and up

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