Are you a U.S. Military Member, First Responder or Medical Professional?

We Value You & Want to Give You a 30% Discount for serving our Nation!

Safari Ltd appreciates our service men and women, and we want to show our thanks by offering an exclusive discount to members of the Military, both past and present, our First Responders, and our Medical Professionals. We know that these families can face a number of challenges, and we want to help you share the joy of learning through play with your children with an exclusive discount on all Safari LTD toys.

Verify your Military, First Responder or Medical credentials by following the prompts below. Once you click the button below, you'll be asked to "Get Verified" using our verification site to redeem your Exclusive Heroes Discount Code!

Exclusive discount offered to:

  • Reserved Military
  • Active Military
  • Veterans
  • First Responders
  • Nurses, Doctors, and Medical Professionals

Follow the instructions below to redeem your code. Thank you for all you do! 💙

Heroes Verification Form

Doctors using computer whiles theirs colleagues looking at Xray in medical office