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Ladybugs - 192 pcs - Good Luck Minis®

SKU 340122

Ladybugs, or Lady Beetles as they are otherwise known, are beloved by nature lovers for their color and by farmers for their powerful appetites. These worldwide ranging beetles feed on other insects, particularly those that harm crops.

  • History: Ladybug might be their favorite name, but it wasn’t their first name, and it’s certainly not the most accurate. The beetles aren’t all females, obviously, and they don’t have any particularly feminine traits. However, they do have a stunning shade of red, which is also the color most often associated with one well-known lady: The Virgin Mary, who was often distinguished by a red cloak, so much so that the color became something of her trademark.
  • Scientific Name: family Coccinellidae
  • Characteristics: Intense realism sets these mini Ladybugs apart. Set them atop cupcakes or use them as decorations in a spring or garden-themed party. Use them as wedding favors or give them away at educational programs.
  • Size:These mini Ladybug figures are soft and flexible and about three times the size of a real ladybug, coming in around an inch in length.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free
  • 192 Pieces Per Bag. Only Available in Bulk Purchase.
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