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Good Luck Minis® Blind Bag

SKU 100929

What's in the bag? Nobody knows! Expect the unexpected with this Good Luck Minis® Blind Bag, where there's a surprise in every package. Great for party favors, gifts and giveaways.

Characteristics: Each blind bag contains a random assortment of our Good Luck Minis® figures. With over a hundred different unique styles of Good Luck Minis® available, the fun is in the unknown! Which figures you get, and how many are in each bag, is a total mystery. We fill each bag with a variety of Good Luck Mini figurines, but the number varies depending on the size of the minis and other factors.

Size: Each Good Luck Mini® figurine measures approximately 1 inch in length. They come packed in a 3.5 inch by 4.5 inch bag.

Specific contents & quantity of items in Good Luck Minis® Blind Bag are not guaranteed. The bags may contain duplicates.

This item cannot be refunded, returned or exchanged. 

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