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Kangaroo with Joey Toy

SKU 100108

As marsupials, kangaroo babies (called joeys) stay in their mothers’ pouches for up to 200 days before being fully able to venture off into the world on their own. Red kangaroos can be found nearly anywhere in Australia, except for the extreme east, north and southwest of the continent. In those areas, you’re more likely to encounter the antilopine, eastern gray or western gray kangaroos.

  • History: All species of kangaroo are “least concern” species, and the animal has thrived where many other marsupials have unfortunately suffered. The kangaroo is a very recognizable symbol of Australia, and is featured on the country’s coat of arms alongside the emu. Though kangaroos may attack if provoked, they are generally quite shy and harmless to humans. Still, they should be treated with respect as their rear legs can deliver a powerful kick and their toe claws are capable of causing injury.
  • Scientific Name: Macropus rufus
  • Characteristics: This kangaroo mama is resting with her tail on the ground, and her joey peeking out for a look around. He’s getting pretty big, so it might be time for him to leave the pouch pretty soon! This kangaroo with joey toy figure is packed with details on both mother and baby, and is individually hand painted so each one is unique.
  • Size: This kangaroo with joey toy is 3 ½ inches tall and about 4 3/4 inches long from the tip of her snout to the end of her tail, nearly the size of an 11 oz. ceramic mug.
  • The Kangaroo with Joey is part of the Wild Safari® Wildlife collection
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free