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Audobon Birds - Blue Jay

SKU 106884

Bring the beauty and sound of the bird kingdom indoors with the amazing Plush Blue Jay Audubon Bird with Sound by Wild Republic! Measuring about five inches long, this realistically colored stuffed blue jay is expertly depicted with species accurate markings and details. A soft squeeze to the belly of the plush blue jay produces a special surprise. It plays an actual recording of a blue jay call as recorded in the field by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology! It doesn't take a bird expert to identify this blue jay stuffed animal but experts will definitely approve of the fantastic design and true-to-life bird call. This stuffed blue jay provides an excellent opportunity for learning, as each Audubon Bird includes an educational hang tag that provides information about its appearance, habitat, and diet. It is the perfect addition to a bird watching gift basket for your favorite backyard bird enthusiast. 

Age: 3 years and up

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