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OOLY - Icy Pops Scented Puzzle Erasers - Set of 4

SKU 108540

Erase pencil mistakes with cute pencil erasers that look like ice cream popsicles. The Icy Pops Puzzle Erasers are 4 popsicle shaped erasers that you can mix and match and create all sorts of cute pencil eraser color combinations. And Icy Pops are scented erasers that smell like delicious fresh fruit. Pencils mistakes can go away because now there's cool pencil erasers to save the day.


  • Pencil erasers shaped like popsicles
  • Set of 4 puzzle erasers - take apart erasers to create your own colorful cool ice cream erasers
  • Fruit scented
  • Package dimensions: 

Age: 6 years and up

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