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Armored Triceratops Toy

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With the threat of Armored T-Rexes out there, it stands to reason that the so-called “tyrant lizard”’s greatest rival would also want to add some additional armor. Behold the Armored Triceratops, accentuating its already formidable natural weaponry with a clubbed tail and shiny new armor to protect its back and sides.

Scientific Name: Triceratops (“Three Horned Face”)

Characteristics: This fearsome Armored Triceratops toy is full of dino detail! Triceratops already featured wicked defensive features, such as its horns and neck frill, but this one gets even more protection, with armored horn tips, armor on its back, shoulders, and tail. The tail armor even ends in a mace-like club!

Size and Color: This Armored Triceratops toy figure is just about 8 inches long and 3 ½ inches in height. Its body is brown with dark brown striping, and cream-colored horns and beak. Its armor pieces are silver.

The Armored Triceratops is part of our Mythical Realms collection.

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