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Armored T-Rex Toy

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RAWR! You thought T. Rex was already scary with his sharp teeth and massive jaws? Well, the top predator of all time just got even more fearsome, with plates of spiked armor protecting its head, legs, chest and tail.

Scientific Name: Tyrannosaurus Rex (“Tyrant Lizard King”)

Characteristics: This detailed Armored T-Rex toy features metallic armor on its head, shoulders, legs and tail, making it even more formidable than T-Rex already was before! It even features a movable jaw so you can pose it open or closed.

Size and Color: This Armored T-Rex toy figure measures just over 6 inches long and about 4 inches high. Its body is greenish with brown stripes, and its armor pieces are silver with brown straps.

The Armored Tyrannosaurus Rex is part of our Mythical Realms collection.

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