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ChalkScapes Mandalas Sidewalk Stencils Chalk Art

SKU 106163

Invite outdoor, creative fun for young artists with Chalkscapes® Mandalas Sidewalk Chalk Stencils Kit! This award-winning set of 2 easy-to-use, artistically adaptable stencils and cosmically colored chalks allows creative kids to turn sidewalks, driveways, and playgrounds into colorful art exhibits (bonus—use indoors on our Roll-Up Chalk Mat, 732991, sold separately). Trace the stencil as a unit, mark it into mix-and-match quadrants, or use the fun motifs separately—the options are limitless.

Characteristics: This set includes 24 stick chalks in assorted bright colors, 6 jumbo chalks, 2 chalk holders, and a set of 2 mandala stencils (22½" diam.) with butterfly and flower designs, stars and geometric designs, or land and sea designs—you choose. Cleans easily with water—just hose off!

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