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Sim-Sala-Kling Wooden Track Set- Musical Elements Track

SKU 104275

Sim-Sala-Kling Wooden Track bring musical fun to life. This set includes many interchangeable parts to customize Paul the ball's journey down the track. 

Includes: 1 archway with bell, 1 wavy curve, 2 steep ball curves, 1 jingle stair, 1 curve, 2 straight tracks, 1 ramp, 7 columns, 13 connecting elements, 1 start block, 5 domino blocks, 1 ball Paul, 1 effect ball and 1 ball. Please Note, while ALL Kullerbü sets and accessories can be combined, certain elements (including the steep ball curves and xylophone stairs in this set) will not accommodate Kullerbü vehicles.

Characteristics: 38 Piece Musical Ball Track

Age: 2-6

Width: 5.04"
Height: 18.90"
Depth: 17.64"
Weight: 5.73 lbs

Sim-Sala-Kling Set from HABA USA is part of the Friends of Safari collection.

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