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KUBU DragonLand Ball Track Set

SKU 104286

Race the ball down the Dragon Volcano. This set is customizable to create your own track set. Will be hours of fun with all the varieties to set up your track set. 

Contents: 1 dragon volcano, 1 dragon tunnel, 1 ball funnel, 4 curves, 3 straight tracks, 1 wavy curve, 1 ramp, 1 starting ramp, 3 columns, 12 connecting elements, 1 dragon ball, 1 lava ball, 1 dino egg ball.


Width: 17.30"
Height: 6.80"
Depth: 18.80"
Weight: 5.10 lbs

Age: 2-8 Y

Dragonland Ball Track Set from HABA USA is part of the Friends of Safari collection.

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