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The Anywhere 3-Ball Sport Set

SKU 106234

THE ORIGINAL ANYWHERE BALLS: -SUPER SOFT FOAM: Kick it, throw it, toss it. Easy grip and fast action -SAFE: Great for kicking or bouncing without the risk of getting hurt. Ideal for kids or toddlers -INDOOR & OUTDOOR: Safe for play inside and outside -WATER SPORTS: Take them to the beach, lake, or pool for hours of fun. Designed so accurately it has that wow factor kids want. These authentically designed balls are unique in that you can kick or bounce them anywhere - indoors and outside. Great for youth practice, toddlers, and kids of all ages. Great for the pool, ocean, or lake because they float! Make sure you get this authentic Anywhere Balls by Thin Air Brands. The highest quality foam balls available. Excellent birthday or holiday gift!


  • JUNIOR SIZE: Basketball and Soccer Ball are 6", Football is 8.5" long SOFT FOAM SOCCER BALL, FOOTBALL, AND BASKET BALL by ANYWHERE BALL
  • The perfect foam balls for indoor/outdoor sports practice. So soft it won't hurt kids. 
For Ages: 3+
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