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Bumpas - Zeek 14" - Orange & Blue

SKU 107579

Traveling is what Zeek loves to do and he wants to be with you no matter where you go, even to the dentist office. So don't forget to bring him along. He is never afraid to try something new and finds excitement in everything you do, even if it's cleaning your room. Sometimes there are things we must do that could feel a little scary, but not for Zeek; he loves to dive right in, so don't forget to allow Zeek to tag along and show you how to be bold, because nothing is as scary as it seems. And at night Zeek loves to cuddle close, resting his heart upon yours. "You are never alone, I am as close to you as your beating heart," Zeek lovingly reminds you.



  • 3 lbs

  • Contains all new materials: Polyester fibers and plastic pellets.

  • Bumpas can be cleaned by using a damp cloth and cleaner on the affected area. Do not wash or submerge your Bumpas. 

Age: 3 years and Up

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