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Bumpas - Oz 14" - Blue & Green

SKU 107578

There is nothing you can't share with gentle Oz. Come close so he can wrap his big, loving arms around you and pull you in close. No one is as important or as loved to Oz than you are. He desires to listen to all your deep thoughts and secrets no matter how big or small and he promises, cross his heart, all that you share will be safe with him. His words are always honest and truthful and he will wisely guide you through happy times and not so happy times, showing you how very loved and special you are not only to him but to everyone you touch. "Always speak the truth with a loving heart," is Oz's motto.



  • 3 lbs

  • Contains all new materials: Polyester fibers and plastic pellets.

  • Bumpas can be cleaned by using a damp cloth and cleaner on the affected area. Do not wash or submerge your Bumpas. 

Age: 3 years and Up



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