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Playfoam® Jumbo Pod Assorted - Sparkle

SKU 104547

"Experience the everlasting squish, day or night, with jumbo sparkle Playfoam pods!  Kids can let their creativity loose, squishing, squashing, and sculpting creations. Building with Playfoam encourages imagination and self-expression, supports tactile awareness and learning, builds sensory and fine motor skills, and more. And, since Playfoam never dries out, the fun – and creativity! – never ends! Playfoam jumbo pods are the perfect party activity, grab bag goody, and birthday party gift." 

  • Recommended for ages 3+
  • Assorted sparkle colored pods (colors may vary)
  • This single-color pod contains 7g of Playfoam® (compared to the 4g standard pod) on a blister card backing.
  • Assorted colors; we cannot guarantee color choice

Category Description for PlayFoam:

  • Innovative, crafty, and reusable - PlayFoam will have kids sculpting for hours!
  • This lightweight, non-toxic, foam bead-based sculpting material won't dry out, crumble, or stick to skin or other surfaces.
  • Mold and re-mold as many times as you like - the fun colors and sizes are full of endless creative potential.
  • Includes sparkle Playfoam that children can shape and reshape, and when they're finished, they can simply use the plastic packaging molds to restore it to the original designs.
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