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Playfoam® Jumbo Pod Assorted - Classic

SKU 104549

Squish it, squash it, repeat! The everlasting fun of Playfoam® now comes in a single jumbo pod. Innovative, crafty, and reusable - PlayFoam will have kids sculpting for hours! This lightweight, non-toxic, foam bead-based sculpting material won't dry out, crumble, or stick to skin or other surfaces. Mold and re-mold as many times as you like - the fun colors and sizes are full of endless creative potential. Includes pastel-colored Playfoam that children can shape and reshape, and when they're finished, they can simply use the plastic packaging molds to restore it to the original designs.

  • Assorted Classic colored pods (colors may vary)
  • Recommended for ages 3+
  • Assorted Glow-in-the-Dark colored pods (colors may vary)
  • This single-color pod contains 7g of Playfoam® (compared to the 4g standard pod) on a blister card backing.
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