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Luna the Calming Kitty

SKU 107758

Luna The Calming Kitty is the purr-fect companion to help children manage stress and calm down at home, school, or anywhere they go! This squishy, soothing feline friend is designed to support mindfulness and deep breathing. Luna offers three different breathing patterns for children to practice and can be used as a colorful night-light to comfort children at bedtime. Each breathing activity features a different color light so children can easily identify it: Triangle Breath (green), Rainbow Breath (pink), and Star Breath (yellow). Children follow the breathing patterns by watching Luna’s light turn on and fade: breathing in when the light turns on, holding when the light is steady, and breathing out when the light fades. Use Night-light Mode for children too young to do the breathing patterns, or for additional comfort at bedtime. There are five night-light color options to choose from: white, yellow, purple, green, and pink.


  • 3 different breathing patterns: square breath, 4 × 4 breath and laddered breath
  • Night-light color choices are white, green, blue, yellow and purple
  • Comes with a USB port for easy recharging

Age: 3 years and up

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