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Meet Spot, the timeless tale-spinner born straight from the pages of 1980s magic! Bursting with boundless energy, insatiable curiosity, and a heap of heart-melting adorableness, this pup is your passport to a world of snuggly escapades. Pawing its way across more than a hundred countries, Spot is all set to plant pawprints of joy in the cozy corners of your very own home. With a sunny yellow coat that'll chase away any gloomy day, a tail that playfully sports a splash of brown mischief, and a signature caramel-colored spot, you know cuddles are to be had! Spot isn't just a plushie – it's a bundle of fun waiting to be loved! Whether you're hugging the bigger plushie version or carrying the cute palm-sized along, Spot is your forever friend! Step into a world of charm, charisma, and cuteness with Palm Pals – the ultimate plush brand. These fun-sized characters are ready to be your new besties, each boasting a quirky personality. With new characters regularly joining the Palm Pals party, the fun never ends! Collect your favorites, from animals to foods, and watch your Palm Pals family grow. These wee-sized plushies are big on making new friends along with letting their diverse personalities shine when you collect them all. Join the Palm Pals party and let the festivities begin!


  • Measures 4.00 x 4.00 x 5.00 Inches
  • Filled with Polyester Fibers
  • Crafted with durable and child-friendly features. 
  • Suitable for all ages.
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