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Swimways Zoom-A-Rays Water Toys

SKU 106980

The Zoom-A-Rays swimming pool toys from SwimWays is a kid-powered underwater glider with amazing hydrodynamic action! This kid pool game comes in unique patterns and colorful designs, making it fun to play with and easy to see and find when swimming under water! No batteries are required to play, simply submerge under water, and let them fly! Your little ones will love watching them as they glide through the water in the 3 different patterns, they can breach, swirl and helix, depending on which toy you use. You can even perform cool tricks like horseshoe turns or twists by simply adjusting the fins to change directions. The hydrodynamic action allows them to move swiftly through the water and shoot to the surface on its own for even more fun! These pool diving toys are great summer toys to have for swimming pool games with friends and family, they can be taken to the beach or used as lake toys as well, and young swimmers will be encouraged to hone their skills when playing with the Zoom-A-Rays. These toddler toys are also great for pool party games and make perfect pool party supplies or pool party favors!

Age: 5 years and up

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