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Paddle and Pickleball - Assorted Styles & Colors

SKU 106258

Swat in some fun with this COOP Paddle and Pickle Ball set! Ditch the umbrella and hit the beach with this timeless game. Whether you prefer the thrilling rubber paddle ball or the mellow wiffle-style plastic pickleball, you can't go wrong with a classic two-person game that can quickly become a beachside bash with a few added sets. But no matter if it's one pair of paddles or multiples, you'll have hours of beach fun without a net, court, or other equipment. How many smacks, volleys, and returns can you pull off?


  • Two classic wooden paddles, one rubber 1” paddle ball, and one plastic 1” wiffle ball with each set - assorted colors, randomly selected
  • Paddles are constructed from premium wood & our pickleballs are made of hard plastic and firm rubber, ensuring longevity in our equipment
  • Does not need a net, court, or other accessories to play
  • Great for playing in the backyard, park, or beach
  • Colors may vary
  • Age: 5+
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