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30-Day Toys That Teach Challenge - 30 Days of Fun Play Ideas - Safari Ltd®

30-Day Toys That Teach Challenge - 30 Days of Fun Play Ideas

SafariFans, we know the past year has been tough. We’ve been committed to helping you through this difficult time. We know the challenges many of you are facing, especially parents homeschooling kids for the very first time.

Last year, we crafted a handy dandy 30-Day Toys That Teach Challenge for you! And this year we've upgraded it with a ton of new toys and prompts!

Your NEW 30-Day Toys That Teach Challenge!

This month-long activity sheet features something fun you and your kiddo can do together every day! These at-home activities pack a TON of developmental benefits for your kids. Two birds with one stone.... because learning through play is the BEST way kids retain information, enjoy the process and reach important educational milestones effortlessly.

What You'll Need

Our Challenge features 30 days of pre-planned activities and themes you and your kiddo can do together. There are NO rules! All you'll need are your Safari Ltd toys and your imagination! Any set or product will do, but here is our guide of recommended toys.


Download 30-Day Toys That Teach Calendar here!

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From the bottom of our hearts, we are here for YOU. Thank you for being one of the best communities out there. It is our sincere joy to support and serve you every day. 🧡
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