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Witch’s Brew: Halloween Sensory Play - Safari Ltd®

Witch’s Brew: Halloween Sensory Play

Use your favorite Safari Ltd. creepy crawlies to create some fun Halloween-themed sensory play! We used a dry base for this Witch’s Brew, which means it can be played with again and again all season long! Get the details below on how to set this up for your kids at home. 


Materials Needed: 

  • Safari Ltd. critters, like frogs, snakes, spiders, venomous creatures and other insects!
  • Dried chickpeas (2 bags) 
  • Purple and green acrylic paint
  • Sparkly acrylic paint (optional)
  • 2 gallon sized plastic zipper bags
  • Parchment or wax paper
  • Large pot or dish
  • Fake eyeballs
  • Empty and clean jars and containers
  • White paper
  • Permanent marker
  • Clear tape
  • Cardboard

*Playfoam Pluffle can be used as a filler instead of painted chickpeas.

How-To Make A Witch’s Brew for Halloween Sensory Play

Step 1: Paint your chickpeas. I used dried, painted chickpeas as the base for this sensory play. I love them because they’re easy to paint, the colors always look bright, and they’re easy to clean up after your kids have played! To paint them, empty your two bags of peas into two separate plastic zipper bags (gallon sized). Squirt some acrylic paint into each bag. I used purple paint in one bag and green in the other. I also added some glitter acrylic paint to both of my bags. Zip the bags and gently shake until the paint has spread out to cover all of the chickpeas. Spread them out to dry for a few hours on a piece of parchment or wax paper. 

Step 2: Paint your recipe card. Paint a rectangular piece of cardboard green. Once the paint has dried, use a black permanent marker to write up a pretend recipe for Witch’s Brew! Our recipe called for: eye of newt, hair of dog, frog’s legs, scale of dragon and spider webs!

Step 3: Make your jars. Use your permanent marker to write the names of some of your ingredients and create labels for your empty jars. Tape the labels to the jars using clear tape. I filled one jar with pretend eyeballs and labeled it “eye of newt”. I put all of the frogs from our frogs TOOB into another jar and labeled it “frog’s legs”! 

Step 4: Set up your play. Dump all of the dried chickpeas into a pot or dish. Place some of your Safari Ltd. creepy crawlies into the pot with a few eyeballs. Place this out with the recipe, jars of ingredients, spoons and other cooking utensils! My kids had a blast concocting potions and brews with this sensory play! Be sure to always observe your kids as they play, especially with younger kiddos who may still put things in their mouths. 

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Emily Limer is a science educator and mom blogger! Follow along with her on Instagram @makingwithmommy


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