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DIY Wine Crate Toy Storage - Safari Ltd®

DIY Wine Crate Toy Storage

A kid’s room can be a chaotic land filled with mythical creatures, tossed around shoes and blankets from galaxies far, far away. The imaginative spirit of play is something to savor for these years, but it doesn’t have to be quite so messy!

Making your kid’s room storage friendly is one of the best things a parent can do for their sanity! Often times, the best solutions work in tandem… like our DIY wine crate storage project below.

DIY wine crate projects are everywhere these days. These crates are so simple to make and add a much needed pop to any room… your child’s in particular. Putting up wine crates is extremely simple and gives any bedroom a rustic decor feel. Additionally, the crates and take care of messy toys by serving simultaneously as storage and display.

Animal figurines are experiencing a big comeback in the home decor scene. So, we like this DIY project even more as it offers a stylish and simple way to show off your kids’ favorite animals. Our favorite of course, are Safari Ltd® animal figurines. These handmade treasures have been passed down for generations. The down-to-earth collectables are accessible, maintain their integrity over time and make killer bedroom decor.




You will need:

  1. Wine Crates
  2. Paint (optional)
  3. Drill and nails
  4. Safari Ltd® Incredible Creatures


Step 1: Collect 1-3 wine crates (depending on the wall and available space).

Step 2: (Optional) Paint the wine crate. If the room is neutral colored, you could choose a hue that stands out so the focus will lead to the wine crates. If the wall is already a vibrant color, choose a muted tone like white or grey, or simply leave as is. The natural wooden texture goes well with any wall color… and it’s the easiest!

Step 3: Measure out where you’d like to place the crates and drill them in the wall! Two people work best for this: one to hold and the other to stand back, assess the evenness and drill!

Step 4: Put your child’s Safari Ltd® figurines up for display giving your child’s room a break from the chaos of toys running wild!


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