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Why Folkmanis Puppets are Great! - Safari Ltd®

Why Folkmanis Puppets are Great!

Safari Ltd now features puppets by Folkmanis in our webstore. Who is Folkmanis? Good question! They’re a trusted company that’s been in the business of making puppets for over 40 years. Their unique puppets are full of high quality details, while still being absolutely adorable!

Stuffed Animal Puppets

Puppets are a great way for kids to bring imagination alive! With Folkmanis puppets, kids can manipulate the mouth, or in some cases even the arms, legs, and head of puppets to give life to their new friends!

Whether it’s the turnable head and flappable wings on the Snowy Owl puppet, the finger-activated legs of the Honey Bee puppet, or the “Oink!” you get when you squeeze the Grunting Pig puppet, there’s always a unique and inventive way for kids to interact with their puppets.

Beyond their diverse range of animal puppets, Folkmanis also features officially licensed hand puppets from Disney, Marvel, and Pixar, including Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Groot from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and Remy the rat from Ratatouille!

Educational and Adorable

Folkmanis puppets are super cute, but they’re also useful for educational and learning activities! Though they have been somewhat “cutie-fied” in their appearance to make them extra adorable, Folkmanis wildlife puppets are detailed and accurate to the real thing, and can provide an excellent visual learning aid when learning about animals.

Additionally, their unique Life Cycle hand puppets can help kids learn about biology by showcasing the stages of life of Frogs, Monarch Butterflies and Ladybugs. By way of their innovative design, these puppets can transform from eggs to adult animals and everything in between using only zippers!

There are also finger puppet sets that include educational cards to teach all about the animals in a particular habitat. The Woodland Animals and Great Smoky Mountains Animals finger puppet sets, in addition to including four adorable tiny animal puppets each, also include a pouch to help store and transport your puppets easily.

Perfect for Cuddles

Ultimately, these are more than just puppets. They make great stuffed animals in their own right; the puppet aspect is just a bonus that adds to their versatility. Their high quality construction, soft and furry outer covering, and adorable appearance make them great plush toy companions for kids!

The only difference between these and other stuffed toys is that kids can make these puppets talk back, and interact with them in fun and unique ways! Kids can stage a puppet show, work on their ventriloquist routine, or just have a fluffy friend to snuggle with at night!


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