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What Children Learn from Block Play - Safari Ltd®

What Children Learn from Block Play

Every parent or grandparent wants to spoil their kid (or grandkid) with toys they’ll love. On the flip side, you probably want educational toys or toys will help your child’s development at the very least. Unfortunately, things aren’t the way they used to be. Back in our day, you maybe had a handful of toys to choose from. Today, there are thousands of toys to choose from, most of which aren’t educational; some aren’t even safe.

But, what if we told you that a toy we all grew up with (or some variation of it) is beneficial to your child’s development? If you guessed building blocks, you guessed right. If you’re interested in what children learn from block play, keep reading to learn more.

You’re developing an architect

One of the best things about block play is that kids can experiment at all ages. Block play not only encourages children to take risks and solve problems, but they’re also sharpening their creative skills at an early age. Building blocks give your child the freedom to build whatever their huge imaginations can dream of. Whether your little one wants to build a tower, an animal, or a car, block play allows your little architect to express themselves through creativity.




Kids don’t work with their hands enough these days

For toddlers and preschoolers, few things are more important than developing their fine and gross motor skills. Block play prepares your child for preschool by working with their hands and strengthening critical muscles in their arms, legs, hands, and feet. Simply spending some time with building blocks daily will really improve their motor skills. Before you know it, you’ll have a little bodybuilder on your hands.

They’ll learn how to share

Trying to convince your child to share is every parent’s worst nightmare, right? Luckily, building blocks are an easy way to encourage your child to share. It’s much easier for your child to share something that there’s a lot of (such as blocks), as opposed to an action figure that they only have one of. By having playdates with other kids or siblings, you can encourage your little one to share their blocks with others. They’ll need to learn before they go to school, anyway; you don't want your toddler’s teacher to sit you down because your little one isn’t sharing.




There are so many things that children learn from block play, so what are you waiting for? You can get a kit of blocks that are meant to become something specific, or an assortment of blocks that allow your child to build whatever they want. The important part is that you buy building block toys that are safe.

Far too many big-name building blocks contain harmful materials that aren’t safe for kids—that’s why you need to get BiOBUDDi blocks from Safari Ltd. BiOBUDDi building blocks are the first plant-based blocks, so not only are you keeping your kids safe, but you’re helping the environment too. As parents ourselves, we understand your concerns about safe toys and child development; that’s why we only sell the highest quality products. In other words, we wouldn’t sell you anything that we wouldn’t let our own children play with. Check out our online shop today for safe and fun toys your little one will love!


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