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Toys That Teach - A Mini-Series Parenting Podcast - Safari Ltd®

Toys That Teach - A Mini-Series Parenting Podcast

This November, we are launching a podcast mini-series on parenting! The new 3-episode season called Toys That Teach will be a guided conversation between Safari Ltd CEO Alexandre and President Christina Pariente, covering a range of your most requested topics around parenting! More than Safari Ltd's leadership, the Pariente's are a husband and wife duo to a growing family of five. They understand the joys and hard work parenting entails.

A New Parenting Podcast 

Toys That Teach will be like our newsletter coming to life! The Safari Ltd Scoop is a highly curated guide for our fans offering practical advice, inspiration and recommendations around parenting and education. The monthly newsletter is a free resource for parents and educators that sheds light on topics and trends for the folks raising our next generation.

"We're really excited to be sharing this," said Alexandre Pariente, President of Safari Ltd. "We get asked a lot about our approach to parenting and education and how becoming parents ourselves has affected our work as creators of Toys That Teach. It does, all for the better, of course. Christina and I are excited to let fans into our home."

Look out for Toys That Teach on Apple and Spotify. Have any topics or questions you wanna hear about? Drop us a line in the comments below!

We're Fans of Parenting and Podcasts

Are you a fan of podcasting and parenting advice? So are we! This is why we invite you to check out the latest episode of SPAWNED by Cool Mom Picks. 

In this episode, host Liz Gumbinner interviews  Rachel Sklar, who authored the defining article about Who Gets to Call Herself a Single Mom? Liz, from the Spawned Podcast also sheds light on a sensitive topic and shares what life has been like for her during the difficult passing of her ex husband (father of her children). 

Interested in more topics around parenting and practical advice? Try our Scoop? Sign up here today. And stay tuned for our new mini series podcast, Toys that Teach, in the fall! 

-Later gator! 🐊

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